Culinary Adventure

Exploring Pasco, Florida’s farm-fresh movement one bite at a time.

I am a foodie, so when I travel, I love discovering mouthwatering meals. Who doesn’t? But I don’t always want fancy foods or even fussy meals. What I seek most is fresh-from-the-farm good food. On a recent trip, I was delighted to find a vibrant, food culture emerging in Pasco. Follow the headline link for the full story.



El Condado de Pasco es un paraíso para los amantes de la naturaleza, en donde el ecoturismo y las aventuras al aire libre reemplazan la típica experiencia de los parques temáticos en la Florida. Al occidente cuenta con más de 20 millas de costa sobre el Golfo de México y al oriente con vastas colinas, además de más de 100.000 acres de naturaleza virgen listos para explorar. Localizado sobre el Golfo de México al norte de la Bahía de Tampa, Pasco hace parte de la “Costa Natural” de la Florida. A tan solo 30 millas de Tampa y aproximadamente 50 millas de Orlando, la ubicación estratégica de Pasco hace que los visitantes puedan disfrutar fácilmente de todo lo que el Centro de la Florida tiene para ofrecer.

The Great Outdoors

The paved and unpaved multipurpose paths in Pasco are seemingly endless. Explore parks, preserves and trails of diverse terrain while enjoying the warm Florida sunshine. Many of our parks offer campgrounds with access to kayak launches, cabins, fishing piers and much more.
If camping at a park isn’t unique enough for your tastes, hop on a boat and head out to Anclote Island State Park or the sandbar just North of it. You can camp overnight on white-sandy beaches and watch the moonlit waves splash on the shore.
Birders can explore a wide range of natural habitats in Pasco, from salt marsh and mangrove, to oak scrub and flat-woods, we are home to more than 325 species of birds. You can check out 10 stops along the Great Florida Birding Trail right here in Pasco.

Ziplining & Aerial Adventures

There’s nothing like a day at TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park! This is THE BEST Aerial Adventure Park in Central Florida to experience excitement and challenge in a gorgeous Old Florida forest.
Look up — You’ll see a series of platforms interwoven throughout the trees connected by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form different elements. Each element presents a different challenge of how to get to the next platform. There are a total of eight different courses with over 100 unique elements, creating a series of adventures to lead you throughout the tree tops.

Wakeboarding & Water Sports

With the Gulf of Mexico a short ride away from our many boat ramps, you can enjoy a multitude of water sports and activities with ease. Explore the open blue-green waters by jetski or tube; ski or knee board with family and friends.
If you don’t have access to a boat or equipment, that’s ok, SunWest Park has you covered. SunWest Park features a cable wakeboard park where cable runs over-head between towers, with a tow rope and handle to pull the riders on a wakeboard behind the cable. This system is a great opportunity for beginners to learn, as well as for experienced riders to practice their tricks on the spine kicker and modular box.

West Pasco

West Pasco boasts a coastal lifestyle and laid back atmosphere. There are endless activities to pass the time on the water. Bar hop your way down the Pithlachascotee River, as you kayak or paddleboard towards the beautiful waterfront Sims Park. Once you dock, you’re a three minute walk from historic downtown New Port Richey. It is the largest city in Pasco County and features a historic downtown with shops, restaurants and beautiful Spanishrevival architecture that brings out the old Florida feel.

Find your inner Foodie

We understand that food isn’t just something you have to consume on a daily basis, it’s so much more than that. It’s a passion to try new things, to go new places, to discover your palate. So we invite you to take a break between adventures and head to one of our many eclectic and award-winning restaurants. Their chefs are serving up some of the best locally grown ingredients, like the sweet and tangy kumquat, fresh seafood and more.