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Arial view of state park surrounded by blue water.
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Anclote Key State Park

The Northern Most Barrier Island
The Anclote Key lighthouse sits on the southern tip of Anclote Key, off the Coast of Pasco County, Florida at the mouth of the Anclote River. Historically, it is known for its sponges which are found on the bottom of the Anclote River and along the Nature Coast. But to locals it is where you go for sun, surf and sand!

This island draws locals in droves who love to take their boats and personal watercraft out to soak up the sun, walk the beach, go shelling, swim and visit with other island lovers.

It has also become a popular destination for tourists who visit the island as part of their vacation. Charters from Pasco County run out to the island on a regular basis and pontoon boats and can be rented at multiple places so visitors can navigate their way to the island on their own.
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